Voilence against women in pakistan

If a woman is respected in a culture, she is less likely to be abused and beaten. The economic disparity between genders does little to improve their situation. The first known instance of an acid attack occurred in East Pakistan in Violence Vict ; 9: According to literature, males who witness marital violence as a child or adolescent are more likely to exhibit violent behaviour when they are in an intimate relationship.

The term violence against women has been defined as the range of sexually, psychologically, and physically coercive acts used against women by current or former male intimate partners. International J Gynaecol Obstet ; The nested ecological framework is one of the most commonly used frameworks to study this issue.

This is true of a strong female class emerging in the urban societies, which is challenging the patriarchal agenda and voicing its distaste for discriminatory actions against women.

Tackling violence against women in Pakistan

As reported by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistanin the year56 women were murdered solely for giving birth to girls.

Violence against women in South Asian countries. She attributes the trend in part to the increasing Islamization of the nation and the rise of violence as a whole. Inwomen were denied the right of vote in various parts of the country. Unfortunately, the issue of violence against women is still treated in Pakistan largely in terms of the losses and suffering caused to the victims and their families whereas the loss to the community should be given equal, if not more, importance.

Definition[ edit ] As defined by the World Health Organizationdomestic violence encompasses physical and psychological distress including sexual coercive acts towards primarily women by a current or former male intimate partner.

Without these efforts, the law remains largely irrelevant despite its potential to create positive change. As shown in the figure, the issue may be analyzed by examining both intrinsic and extrinsic factors influencing the phenomenon.

There has not been much worthwhile activity during the rest of the days of activism.

Gender-Based Violence (Violence Against Women and Girls)

Please refer to Figure 1 developed by the authors, for a graphic or pictorial summary of the framework. These efforts were commendable but they did not go far enough.

Haroon said that in the last three years, six laws have been passed to protect women against attacks such as acid-throwing. Associations between wife beating and fetal and infant death: As this phenomenon is very common in this society, it is one of the major determinants of domestic violence.

Research reports from countries all over the world show that violence against women still occurs, though the form may vary from one society and culture to another. Men on the other hand may also realize the negative effects of violence and on their own volition opt for a more egalitarian society.

Early this year, Zainab Noor, a young rural woman, was brutalized by her husband in a manner that shocked people across Pakistan and the world. The suicide rate among women is spiking alarmingly. The relevant statistics are truly alarming. Med J Aust ; Some tribal societies consider women as the source of all evils and men are not mentioned in any evil doing.

ISLAMABAD — A local women's rights group in Pakistan says the number of incidents of violence against women in Pakistan has increased at least seven percent over the past year.

The impact of. The women's rights division of Human Rights Watch gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the many individuals, government officials, and institutions in Pakistan who were instrumental in our. November 25 th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, passed almost without a whimper in Pakistan.

At a time when we are endlessly discussing the latest political. The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report places Pakistan as the second lowest performing country in the world in terms of gender equality. In Pakistan’s rural areas instances of violence against women in the form of so-called ‘honour’ killings, child marriages, acid attacks, and domestic and sexual abuse are frequent.

Domestic violence in Pakistan is an endemic social and public health problem.

'93% of Pakistani women experience sexual violence'

A special report by the United Nations of the state of violence against women in Pakistan reported that Afghani refugees are left out of Pakistani services and of Pakistani statistics.

In this environment, progressive laws enacted to protect women against violence have been largely ineffective. As reported by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, in the year56 women were murdered solely for giving birth to girls.

Voilence against women in pakistan
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