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Everything comes naturally for me when handed certain types of documents. People can have one main style or share two with one dominant and the other submissive.

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Each of these styles influences the decision making process or any organization. The final style is inspirational which focuses on social change, has a positive, act on instincts or feelings, action-oriented outlook on societal needs and is willing to give of self to achieve goals.

In contrast; however, a teacher could be inspired to move on to other opportunities according to how involved the teacher is his or her career. There are four types of creative styles, which various people use as mental ability. Employees want to feel as though their careers are moving forward.

People surround themselves with people of similar background. Consequently, the structural, and functional mental models and mindsets affect the workplace decision making process on the best solution for the problem or issue. Intuition is where one uses his or her results and relies on past experience to guide decisions making Rowe, This approach to creativity expands the possible number of creative intelligence styles.

There is no room for being imaginative or innovative as these decisions are made by higher commands out of Tallahassee.

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Education will teach many aspects of a job, which others may not be privy to. This style will more to the future than the past for ideas. Conclusion Creative intelligence is used in all types of business.

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Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary Beaton, This aspect of my life has definitely influenced my decision making in all aspects of my life.

This cannot be taken to mean that business leaders until today have not been intuitive or original or creative, or that they have not been able to make organizational decisions efficiently; it just means that these leaders may not have known or been trained to pass on their special skills to the other employees within the organization.

This paper will talk about the four styles of creative intelligence and analyze their nfluence on organizational decision making. There are no boundaries to imagination, only a limit to the amount of experiences that feed it.

Employees want to belong to something that is generally recognized and rewarded. Being imaginative can increase the ability to fulfill any goal or desires by using affirmation techniques. My judgments and outcomes are often directed by structural and functional models.

I also pull court orders as needed and keep spreadsheets of different stats on a monthly base. An innovative-centric individual may limit how an organization could grow, if he or she was not willing to look at how the past experiences of the organization could influence the future, it could result in a lack of innovation and severely prohibit the organization from growing.

A customer- centric individual can be heavily influenced by the environment and past experiences. If one was only customer-centric, and never willing to look at how he or she could develop process that will greatly improve the organization, the organization could never reach its fullest potential.

Structural mental model allows me to be mindful of several problems and their relationship in my office and in the specific location. Intuitive compared to being imaginative can work hand in hand. This broad education is often the least visible force shaping the mindset.

Mental Process Paper Essay

He or she can also use past experiences to help guide how the customer will be served. Upper Saddle River, N. Retrieved September 3, from http: Vision — what are employees work for or toward. Mental Process Paper Business and Marketing Essay.

Write a 1, to 1,word paper in which you compare and contrast the four styles of creative intelligence and. Throughout this paper, I will compare and contrast each of the creative intelligence’s and how they influence organizational decision making, how the five forces influence mental models and mindsets, and how these mental models and mindsets could limit the decision-making process.

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Mental Process Paper

Examination of the fives forces of mental models and mindsets and the four styles of creative intelligence unfolds complexity within society and also the simplicity both sets and styles observed once understood. The following paper explains and describes the five forces of mental model and mindsets.

Oct 16,  · Mental Process Paper When examining both the four styles of creative intelligence and the five forces of mental models/mind sets, one can see the intense and in depth these concepts are to society, and yet. Mental Process Paper  Mental Process Paper Sam Lists OI/ March 10, Eusebio Rodriguez Mental Process Paper There are four styles of creative intelligence.

Each style of creative intelligence will have an influence on .

Mental process paper
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